Whitchurch Silk Mill

A gem of industrial heritage in beautiful, rural Hampshire

Whitchurch Silk Mill is the oldest silk mill in the UK still in its original building. A gem of industrial heritage in beautiful, rural Hampshire, Whitchurch Silk Mill is a Georgian water mill that weaves silk using 19th century machinery.Whitchurch Silk Mill

5 comments on “Whitchurch Silk Mill

  1. Sue Slaght says:

    So fascinating. I didn’t realize silk mills existed in North America. What gorgeous colors!

    • dianaed2013 says:

      No not America but England and I think that this is the one one in production – the silk works come from China as our climate is not suitable for them. Thanks for following and I have enjoyed your travels

      • Sue Slaght says:

        Oh my apologies For having the location wrong. Yes that makes sense that the silk comes from China. Thanks for explaining it to me and so happy to have you following our travels.

  2. vever02 says:

    Beautiful pictures of an industrial past.
    Good evening .

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