16 comments on “Visit to Tate Britain

  1. Nice pictures Diana! However, they are bit too small to view here..

  2. dianaed2013 says:

    For some reason WordPress has changed the way in which you import but if you click on them they will be larger

  3. Nice montage, Diana. Oh, that staircase… love, love it.

  4. V-Light says:

    Great collection of photos Diana 🙂 I’ve been to the Tate museum on a brief visit with my college a few years ago, very beautiful place 🙂

  5. cindy knoke says:

    Wonderful captures!

  6. icelandpenny says:

    I’m swept away by the curves, you capture them so well (with the light & shadow that add dimension & structure). I’m also curious about the painting being discussed — a David Hockney?

  7. dianaed2013 says:

    Thank you so much – such a wonderful design! Yes the painting is by David Hockney

  8. David says:

    Absolutely love the arrangement of the three people and the Hockney!

    • dianaed2013 says:

      Thought you might like to know – this was an outing with my Art Appreciation Group – train Havant to Victoria, light lunch so outing cost under £20. The Tour is free and the Guide was really good

  9. Great set, Diana. Next time in London I have to visit Tate.

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