8 comments on “Suffolk and Norfolk

  1. cindy knoke says:

    Oh I love the happy little beach houses!

  2. dianaed2013 says:

    Thank you Cindy – I seem to have inadvertently altered setting so rathr small

  3. icelandpenny says:

    Yes, the beach houses drew my attention as well. If they’re as functional as they are charming, they are truly something special

  4. dianaed2013 says:

    Yes they are used but in a way it is sad because at one time there were fishermen’s huts in the same place

  5. Sylvia Dubrule says:

    Thanks, Diana. I’m still archiving my favourites! I did check the Norfolk and Suffolk set and I did get a enlarged, clear version. Much better! Can’t stop now but will contact you soon. Sylvia

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  6. Love the brightly coloured beach huts. Wonderful photos.

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